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Outfitting Rates

Complete Outfitting at Gunflint includes: An Old Town, Souris River, Mad River or Wenonah canoe (some are royalex and some are kevlar), Eureka tents, Therm-A-Rest sleeping pads, full zipper sleeping bags, all cook gear, gas stove if desired, sierra style cups, first aid kit, all food, all maps, trip orientation, transportation to and from the appropriate landings, car parking during your trip, and free overnight accommodations before and after your trip in a canoer cabin. Of special note: We invite you to join us in our packing area in selecting the foods for your trip. State of the Art Gunflint Backpacks

You can pick any food and in any quantity, so that you are fully satisfied. Or you can send us your menu in advance and we will have it ready for you when you arrive. When you stay with us coming and going you might be interested in having your meals in the lodge dining room. Gunflint Lodge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in two dining rooms. The Red Paddle Bistro for a cold libation and lighter dinner choices such as huge hamburgers, walleye chowder, deli style sandwiches, and many salad choices.  Breakfasts and lunches are offered from a complete menu and are big and hearty. Justine's Fine Dining offers 6 or more entrees each evening and is presented in a classier way.

Our canoeists have this extra opportunity to treat themselves to something special coming and going which is anique feature at Gunflint and very different from what any other outfitters offer you. It is appropriate to make a dinner reservation if you would like to dine in Justine's. Gunflint Lodge meals are not included in the outfitting rates.

Gunflint Royalex Canoes Gunflint Kevlar Canoes

2014 Outfitting Rates

We are muddlng over 2015 rates now and will have them posted soon. We are assessing the impact of the newly mandated salary increase on our cost of operations.


Adventure Canoe Trips
Complete Outfitting with Royalex Canoes Complete Outfitting with Kevlar Canoes
Two night/three day canoe trip $330.00/person Two night/three day canoe trip $360.00/person
Three night/four day canoe trip $420.00/person

Three night/four day canoe trip $475.00/person

Four night/five day canoe trip $495.00/person Four night/five day canoe trip $560.00/person
Five night/six day canoe trip $555.00/person Five night/six day canoe trip $640.00/person

Childen 4 thru 12 - 50% Off - when accompanied by 1 adult


What's Included in a Completely Outfitted Trip:
  • Either Royalex or Kevlar canoes (with portaging yoke) - plus your paddles and PFD vests
  • Quetico/Superior Packsacks - one personal pack per person plus all needed packs for equipment and food
  • Eureka Tent - we size the tents according to the number in your party and always leave you some extra room
  • All meals, snacks and beverages - we pack from your menu selections and then add a bit extra for you. This includes our new exclusive Camp Chow line of specialty meals.
  • Sleeping bag - we have large rectangular with full zippers for the extra tall person, or lighter mummy bags for the warm summer nights
  • Therm-O-Rest pad - Full length, not short ones
  • Tarp - any size you would like for ground cloths and dining fly's
  • First Aid Kit - including an ACE bandage, Hydrocortisone cream and antiseptic towelettes
  • Cook kit, plates, cups, utensils - these items are fairly standard
  • Coffee Pot - we use the pot that makes boiled coffee - lets keep it simple
  • Fry pan or Griddle - whatever you would like
  • Dish Soap, scrubby, dish towel - bio-degradable soap
  • Hot pads- help keep you out of trouble
  • Rope pieces- to tie up your tarp or for a clothes line
  • 50' Bear rope - so you can hang your food pack for bear protection, just in case
  • Matches - the good wooden ones that you can scratch anywhere
  • Toilet paper - we buy "green", which is 95% recycled
  • Propane stove and fuel
  • Shovel and saw
  • Overnight accommodations for pre or post nighs in support of your canoe trip

We also have a variety of package plans to give you an easy way to make a trip choice, with one stop shopping!


Outfitters paddles Kitchen Supplies


Partial Outfitting

This is for those who have most of their own gear and would just like to rent a canoe or some odds and ends. Our equipment is rented by the calendar day (no partial days).

Royalex- Wenonah $30.00
Kevlar- Souris River or Wenonah Canoes $45.00
3 Seat- Souris River $50.00
4 Seat- Wenonah Minnesota 4 $55.00
Solo Kevlar Canoe $35.00
Personally selected food for your canoe trip - per person per day $45.00
Single burner propane stove $5.00
Cannister of fuel for propane stove $7.00
Quetico/Superior #3 or #4Packsack $6.00
Granite Gear Packs $8.00
Sleeping Bag $6.00
Therm-a-rest sleeping pad $6.00
First Aid Kit $3.00
Eureka Tent (any size) $20.00
Bear Rope $2.00
Cook Kit (with untensils) - per person $2.00
Shower with Towel - per person $5.00
Camper Cabin w/refrigerator, micro wave and screened in porch (sleeps up to 5) $105.00
Canoer Cabin with sink & toilet - per person $29.00
Rustic Bunkhouse with central shower house - per person $18.00
Canoe Guide- per day $225.00
Pet Fee - pet/per night $10.00

Transport to and from various landings $15.00 to $35.00 one way per party


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